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GP Ventures Welcomes Lester McCarroll, Jr. to the Team

GP Ventures is pleased to announce that Lester McCarroll, Jr. has joined the firm as Managing Director, Client Architect.  Lester will be responsible for M&A advisory services, including dealmaking, client grooming, evaluation, and pre-sale due diligence services.

“One of the keys to a successful M&A transaction is preparation and proper marketing, which not only helps to improve valuation but also helps to improve terms and to ensure a smooth process.  By strengthening the team at GPV, we are determined to assist our clients in a unique fashion” said Tom Kastner, President of GP Ventures.

Lester brings a wealth of experience to GPV.  For over 13 years, he has been Principal Consultant of The McCarroll Group: a management consulting practice that specializes in bringing direction, structure, and momentum to a wide range of business innovations; including new products, new companies; and new initiatives.

He was engaged with the University of Chicago, guiding two cycles of strategic planning for the Institute for Molecular Engineering; Chicago State University, developing an entrepreneurship center based on their campus; and, the Illinois Institute of Technology launching the TechAdvantage@IIT and Enhancing Technology for Small Businesses (ETSB) programs As the consultant and facilitator for both, he provided executive coaching, technology planning, business modeling, and marketing strategy for over 100 clients in a range of industries, including cybersecurity, mobile marketing, and other areas of technology.

Recently, Lester was enlisted as an Executive Coach for companies in the nextONE Business Accelerator Program, a joint venture between the Chicago Urban League and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

During a 10-year tenure at Motorola, rising to the level of Vice President, Lester impacted the company in marketing and product planning, international strategies and operations, country management coordination, wireless infrastructure and feature sets for telecommunication carriers, software development processes, and diversity.

Lester started his career at AT&T Bell Laboratories at the age of 15 as a summer intern. After receiving degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1983 and Stanford University in 1984, he rejoined Bell Labs, leading development and project management of various digital services systems, hardware, software releases, and features for the switching business prior to joining Motorola in 1994.

For more information, contact GPV at 847-431-3993,  GP Ventures provides M&A advisory services to middle-market companies in the technology, electronics, and business services sectors.