hp-service-bg-1GP Ventures offers valuation services to companies in the tech and electronics sectors. We know the industry, transaction values, and terms/structures of deals, and the firm is well-suited to provide accurate and meaningful analysis of your business.

Our valuation services come in several levels:

1) Complementary Value Estimates: With a little amount of information, we can give you an estimate of the value and terms for your business. Because we work on deals every day, we have the most up-to-date information on valuations in the industry.

2) Summary Valuation: For simple planning purposes, if you wish to have an analysis of the value of your business, we offer a quick but meaningful business valuation summary at a low cost.

3) Comprehensive Valuation: For more complex purposes such as partner buyout, estate planning, taxes, divorce, litigation, minority share purchase, etc., we partner with experienced and certified valuation experts to provide industry-specific services to meet your company’s needs.
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